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How a Consultant Helped My Business

I never understood just how important consultants were until I started my own business. For the first few months, I tried to go it alone. I was overly confident and I didn't think I needed any help. However, I soon realised that I did need extra help. I was talking to my brother one night and he suggested that I call in a couple of consultants who could offer advice and guidance about different areas of my business. I took his advice and I am really glad that I did. The consultants helped me to turn my business into a success.



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How Better Acoustics Will Improve Your Restaurant Profits

When it comes to improving restaurant profits, most managers focus on two main areas: better food and better service. However, there's one often-overlooked issue that can hinder profits even more than poor meal quality and inept staff: a bad atmosphere. More specifically, a loud and noisy restaurant can ruin a customer's experience, which makes them less likely to spend money with you again. Reducing your noise levels by improving your restaurant acoustics can solve this problem and even help you improve your food and service too. Here are 3 profit-boosting reasons you talk to an acoustical consultant about your restaurant's noise level.

Customers Get Better Service

Even if your wait staff team is made up of the most experienced and capable servers you could find, no one is immune to mistakes. Waiters can make a mistake with customer orders under any circumstances, but errors are even more likely in a restaurant that's too loud.

That's because most customers aren't used to eating in a noisy environment, even if your staff are. Patrons often fail to enunciate clearly enough to communicate their order correctly over a loud atmosphere. Even if you instruct your waiters to repeat orders back before heading to the kitchen, it's likely that your customers won't hear their server's voice clearly over the din.

Every wrong dish delivered to a customer is money down the drain, whether you have to throw the old meal out and replace it or you refuse to amend the mistake and accept that the customer will likely never return. Reducing the noisiness of your restaurant ensures that waiters and customers can communicate efficiently and accurately so you don't mess up any orders.

Food Will Taste Better

Did you know that noise can actually affect how food tastes? Research has shown that too much background noise can make food taste less salty or sweet than usual. On top of that, the more effort your customers have to put into communicating over your restaurant's loud environment, the less they're focusing on their meal.

This can all contribute to dissatisfaction with a meal, and patrons won't return to your restaurant if they don't think the food is up to scratch. Combatting your poor acoustics will restore the intensity of your menu's flavours so customers can get hooked on the great tastes you're offering, returning again and again.

You'll Get More Group Bookings

Group bookings can be huge earners for restaurants. When customers arrive with a lot of friends, they often order multiple rounds of food and drinks, bringing in big profits for your establishment. The same goes for business lunches between multiple colleagues as well as party bookings and weekly family meals.

Of course, no group wants to eat in an environment where they have to shout just to be heard. If you want to make your restaurant a top choice for groups, you'll need to address the noisiness. In a quieter atmosphere, groups of customers will be able to socialise while they eat, enhancing their experience. This will keep them coming back again and again and increase the chances of them spreading the word and bringing more patrons into your restaurant.